Introducing Chhattisgarh’s first DGCA authorized Remote Pilot Training Organization

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Chhattisgarh Swami Vivekanand Technical University, Bhillai

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Aeroaeon Avionics launched Chhattisgarh’s first and only RPTO

The Aeroaeon Avionics RPTO

Aeroaeon Avionics launched Chhattisgarh’s first and only RPTO, the Aeroaeon Avionics RPTO – Bhillai to give a much needed boost to the Human Resource of the state and the country. UAV is an up-and-coming industry and the demand for Drone pilots and co-pilots will surge in the near future. Aeroaeon envisions the preparation of a job-ready workforce that will drive further the penetration of UAVs and their growth in the Indian Economy.
Through Aeroaeon Avionics RPTO value-addition programs, we seek to increase the employability of Human Resource whilst also ensuring that human labor across the nation is up-to-date with the skills in-demand in the society of the 21st century.

By providing students with a comprehensive understanding of drone technology and its applications, we can also promote responsible and ethical drone operation, thereby ensuring safe and legal drone operation, as well as the protection of privacy, safety, and the environment. Therefore, our commitment to imparting drone education to students for a better future is essential. We believe that by equipping the next generation with the skills and knowledge needed to operate drones safely and responsibly, we can help create a better future for all. The company is actively involved in the creation of schools of knowledge, ones that will help the current generation of students to be prepared for the future. A future-ready workforce is integral to the development of any economy and equipped with acquaintance of novel technology, the human resource of today will be future-proof against unemployment. On a bigger picture, companies with digitally-informed employees will be able to bear the brunt of Digital Darwinism.

Drones – affecting every industry

Drones are, simply put, vehicles which inherently have limited uses. Only when combined with other technologies are drones of any use. As a result, Drones are not a new vertical for students to learn. They are always a horizontal and can work with students’ existing fields of knowledge such as Computer sciences, physics, geography and such forth.
Future with Drones

Why to become a pilot?

Preparing Future Innovators: Empowering Education Systems with Drone Technology Training for Industry 4.0

Drones are a crucial part of Industry 4.0. It is less a choice and more a compulsion for education systems across the world to train students for the technology to come.

Incorporating drone education into the curriculum can help students develop technological proficiency while exposing them to a range of career opportunities, from drone pilots and operators to engineers and developers.

Career prospects with drones

How students can benefit with Flight training

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