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#MadeinIndia Precision Farming


Inception of Arjoondrone

Transforming Agriculture with Precision Farming

In July 2022, Aeroaeon launched the Arjoondrone, a 16 Liter hexacopter Agriculture drone designed for spraying fertilizers, pesticides and other farming liquids. Since its deployment Arjoondrone has revolutionized farming by disrupting the conventional farming practices and putting in place technology powered processes that have in turn catapulted the antiquated farming sector into the era of precision farming.

We are confident in the ability of this ground-breaking technology to empower and accelerate industrial processes. With that belief in mind, we are striving towards developing UAV-based service provision opportunities for the Indian market along with auxiliary UAV models.

The Aeroaeon Avionics drone is developed under the Make in India scheme (Under Atma Nirbhar Bharat). Our drone is indigenous, has a folding mechanism for ease of transportation, swappable battery for uninterrupted operations and a 16L spraying tank Capacity. The drone has Modular, Stable and Reliable Aerial Avionics with a dedicated Flight Controller.

It is equipped with three redundant IMU and dual redundant barometer sensors. During the flight, the sensor data of IMU is monitored in real-time through advanced diagnostic algorithms. When the sensor in the navigation system is abnormal, the system immediately switches to another sensor to ensure the safe flight of the aircraft.

Cultivating the Future of Farming with Precision and Power!

From coast to coast, Arjoondrone soars high, delivering agricultural advancements with precision. Farmers nationwide embrace the power of this indigenous marvel, reaping bountiful harvests, enhanced productivity, and a sustainable future.


Cutting-Edge Features and Unparalleled Performance

It has an advanced camera module with LED providing HD video Transmission to the controller. The drone can be operated in Manual Mode as well as Automatic mode. For Automatic mode, we map the target area using maps and also by walking on target land while holding the remote controller.

It has top of the line industrial-grade sensor configuration and algorithm optimization. After the aircraft flight control system is installed, it only needs to be calibrated once. Even if the operating environment is replaced, it does not need to be recalibrated and is easy to use.

It has an improved spraying system with a 4 channel electromagnetic flow meter, to ensure the continuous sprinkles. It has new generation omni-directional digital radar for terrain as well as obstacle avoidance, and equipped with a wide-angle front camera with LED that enables users to observe the landscape from the front of the Multirotor UAV both during day and night.

The Drone is designed to be dustproof, water and chemically resistant, while the protection rating of the aerial electronics system, spray control system, propulsion ESC system, and radar module is up to IPX67.


Smart Features

16 Liter Tank

One acre in 6 to 10 minutes

Stable, safe and reliable

Auto Pilot Mode

Revolutionize Your Fields with Arjoondrone: Innovation Takes Flight in Agriculture!

Experience the Future of Farming with Arjoondrone: Enhanced Spraying System, Omni-Directional Radar, and Robust Design for Uncompromising Efficiency and Protection.