Engineered to endure
Designed to excel,
UAV Based Aerial Intelligence, delivering outstanding performance
under the most challenging conditions.
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The next generation UAV’s autonomy is built on experience We provide actionable intelligence
that can save lives & change
the course of history.
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Aeroaeon DX


Aeroaeon CX


The ability of our UAV design & engineering is to reduce the cost of compliance and cost of the technology, while also enhancing the value of the information gathered through these systems have been the key drivers for increased adoption of our UAS.


RDONE unifies flight controller, mission computer and networking in a compact embedded design. Rely on the trusted and proven Pixhawk autopilot standard while leveraging an advanced onboard hardware and software platform.

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RiGEL mission control


RiGEL Ground Control System mission control allows you to operate any drone and view live data, as it is fully visible to the other two components in real time, so you have the same complete data picture and full control of your drone in the field or at your desk
  • Waypoints
  • Surveying areas
  • Scanning corridors
  • Regions of interest
  • 3D view
  • Dynamic VTOL trajectories