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Environment And Air Quality Monitoring Systems

The effect of air pollution on the environment, economy and health of the people in the affected countries cannot be overemphasized. UAVs have become a critical tool for industrial professionals needing to deliver critical supplies or gather data that was previously too dangerous, too hard, or too expensive to collect. Enterprise-level operations require solutions that are both practical in the field and dependable to capture and deliver data and supplies efficiently and securely. DX and CX series are engaged for the following diversified industry uses. The real-time data from DX and CX series, to predict atmospheric models that can help assist in emergency response decisions in the future.

The gas leakage localization can be investigating by Gas sensing system (GSS) based on a 32-bit MCU, data storing, wireless connectivity for real-time feedback and embeds a custom micro-machined MOX (Metal Oxide) sensor. The CX and DX series drones have the ability to measure air pollution concentrations of CO2, CO, NH3, SO2, PM, O3 and NO2, detect when they are too high, and implement on-board pollution abatement solutions as needed. this system’s novelty lies in the fact that it not only detects when there is excessive pollution but is also automatically deals with and abates the detected air pollution above the earth.