Homeland Security

The DX and CX series is designed to provide situational awareness and wireless communication range extension, with day/night camera payloads and secure multi-frequency communications. It will support the enhanced intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance (ISR) capabilities and reducing the risk to human operators on the ground. As UAVs become a vital component of law enforcement operations, it is critical that teams are equipped with dependable hardware that can gather high-quality information and deliver critical material while meeting rapidly evolving needs. With the exponential increase in crime rates, the core objective of law enforcement authorities worldwide is to secure public safety and serve communities by deploying more resources to control crime. CX and DX series are equipped with real-time video relays and also helps the security forces get an aerial perspective of possible threats and crime scene analysis remotely. DX and CX enable with crowd monitoring features provide a wider-field view of the mass gatherings and transmit real-time data to the crowd control team. Drones can zoom in on an area of interest and in turn, provide the team with vital information about what is happening on the ground.


CX and DX play a critical role in perimeter surveillance and border security. These drones detect people and objects. With high-quality real-time intelligence and built-in AI, CX and DX are built with military-grade innovations and can be equipped with a variety of payloads to meet every security needs. These drones can be fully customized to meet the endurance, range and payload requirements of security forces. DX and CX series real-time intelligence guided ground forces in informed decision-making and hence proven to be life-saving tools during a critical situations.

Rapid Deployment, set up and plan a thousand-acre search in less than 5 minutes. Extremely Long flight times, CX and DX series UAV can fly between 30-45 min with a built-in surveillance payload. For and search and rescue operations, the UAV can hover directly above the subject before needing to return home.