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Forest Surveying and Monitoring

Life Saving

Forest Surveying and Monitoring

In recent years, environmental changes are large, frequent natural disasters, to the survival of the natural environment has caused a great impact, and caused significant economic losses. Using a CX series drone, monitoring and observance of forest and woodlands can pose be a tiresome and exhaustive process in a sense that requires an abundant amount of workforce and skills, along with appropriate resources. Accounting to be a major challenge of forestry, surveillance of forestland is done to ensure the prevention of the dangerous undertaking that leads to greater hazards to nature. In cases forest f fire, illegal falling of trees etc. It becomes difficult to forest managers and workers to take immediate action owing to the large span of areas that constitute a forest. As a means of relief, CX drone help in terms of aerial surveillance, mapping, aerial photography, thermal imagery, and topographic monitoring.


CX drones, as employed for search and rescue missions, draw in the advantages of immediate relief in threatening situations. As means of wildlife monitoring and biodiversity checking, CX prove to be highly resourceful at random times of distress and danger, which are frequent occurrences in the forest ecosystem. Operations and tasks of delivery of emergency, surveying for harmful activities, immediate aid to ailing lives, etc., are a few instances of applications of drones in forestry that save time and hence, for wildlife.


CX drones generate high-resolution orthomosaic and detailed 3D models of areas where low-quality, outdated or even no data, are available. They thus enable high-accuracy cadastral maps to be produced quickly and easily, even in complex or difficult to access environments. Surveyors can also extract features from the images, such as signs, curbs, road makers, fire hydrants, and drains. After post-processing with photogrammetry software, these same images can produce very detailed elevation models. Contour lines and break lines, as well 3D reconstructions of land sites or buildings. Regrettable to mention, but one of the greatest dangers of forests are liabilities and perils to wildlife and biodiversity. Embracing its association with flora and fauna, forests have to be monitored to ensure the protection of the same. With the help of CX, the balance of the ecosystem can be maintained, to better degrees. Aerial imagery, mapping, and data processing as performed by the AI-ML powered express endangerment alerts, scan for potential threats to wildlife, and so on.


Eradicating the occurrence of forest fire is next to impossible, we sure can avoid it by miles. Menacing as they are, forest fires owe their devasting nature to more than one course. With speed and precision, CX series drone can be used to scan the areas spanning the forest for potential threats of fires.


CX drone can detect air components at high altitudes, detect humidity, prevent fire, can effectively manage forest weather. An emergency can help forest management reduce landslides, debris flows, earthquakes and another disaster.


Real-time patrols can be used to understand the changes in a forest environment, logging, conditions, plant growth, animal distribution, disaster centre, address changes, water changes, and air quality. Can provide real-time video data records, the forest long-term protection, supervision, management and so on.