Aeraeon CX folded multi-mission UAV

CX is a folding multi-mission UAV, delivers a range of versatile group payload 2-3 payload capabilities. With its ability to carry and deliver multiple payloads up to 6 kgs, provides an autonomous system and flight controller in a tightly integrated device.

Rugged & Reliable

Carbon fibre airframe.

Flight Controller

Next-generation flight management unit and a triple-redundant sensor for autopilot.

Mission Compute

On board computing power for obstacle avoidance, collision, prevention, and video encoding.


Built-in Wi-Fi and LTE communication module for real-time logs and over-the-air updates.

Payloads up to 6 kgs

Supper carrier easily attaches, and deliver the payload.

Redundant Batteries

<99Wh batteries enabling transport on commercial aircraft with 40 mins of flight time.